Nearly Home

Something had to break on an odyssey as long as this one.  Irritatingly, it was the laptop charging cable and so this blog entry is being put together on an iPhone.  It’ll be short and to the point.

For the first time we’ve begun to feel that we’re going home and the trip is nearly over.  We did our best to dispel any gloom by calling in to Epernay to check out the seemingly limitless range of champagne on offer.  One thing led to another and we embarked on an evening of celebration to mark nearly five months of vagabondry.  The ‘prix fixe’ menu at 50€ per head in one of the town’s many restaurants struck a happy balance between austerity and extravagance, we felt, and what with all the champagne it ended up being quite a late night.  

When we eventually found our way back to the wagon, I recalled that Kate harbours a deep loathing for the old, old TV series “Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em” and was also none too keen on the theme tune of “Dad’s Army” so in a fit of inspiration I started singing the song in my best Frank Spencer voice.  She curled up shrieking in horrified laughter, which set me off and put the seal on an evening to remember.  Try it yourself, if you’re of an age to remember both TV series…

Dragging our heels has now become the norm as we try to stretch out the last few days and nights, and a lingering visit to a supermarché took a chunk of the morning and an even bigger one of the budget.  We have, however, enough champagne and absinthe to keep us going well into the New Year.  Not that we need it, you understand – it’s just that some of our friends have slightly exotic tastes.

Talking of friends (and, come to that, exotic tastes) one couple lost their garden gnome to us as we swept by their house on our way to France last August.  Here he is:

We’ll hand him back soon, once we’ve re-calibrated his attitude… 

Lastly, we owe a debt of thanks to our old standby the Atlas Obscura, who helpfully pointed out that we were not that far from the little-known French village of Y.  Too good to miss, we decided, so off we trundled to take a look.

We can now, therefore, take a quiet pride in the fact that we have travelled all through Europe from Å to Y.  And what about Z?  Well, we thought we’d better leave something for our next trip..