Rain Stops Play

The small town of Leonidios, not far from where we are at the moment, sits in a natural harbour.  The hills around are all high, steep and rocky, which makes them a good proposition for rock climbers.  Add to that a generous helping of sunshine and beaches and it’s easy to see why the area is infested with them most of the time.  You can generally see them around in the late afternoon and early evening as they call in for a restorative drink in the town’s tavernas – and if you can’t see them, you’ll know they’re still around since you can hear the merry clink of pitons, chocks, wedges and all the rest of the high tech ironmongery that hangs from their climbing harnesses.  The main car park in town is right by the beach, some public loos and a beach shower, as well as being only a  short stagger from a couple of restaurants, so it’s no surprise to find that it’s generally packed with campervans, campers, climbing gear and the rest of it.

But this weekend the rain and clouds have descended, bringing a halt to almost everything.  We’ve used the time wisely, of course, and after a morning of what the Royal Navy terms a ‘make-and-mend” the van and our kit have been restored, where possible, to good order and all is clean and gleaming.  There’s a limit to how much of that sort of thing we can take, though, so the rest of the day will be spent wrestling with the Saturday Guardian prize crossword (if we can download it in a form that we can engage with), firing our systems up with high-octane coffee and as much as 10 minutes planning our next move.

This doleful weather is due to hang around all weekend, so instead of sitting it out in a static vehicle we want to use that otherwise dead time to put a few miles behind us.  That way, we’ll be able to step out on Monday morning into a brave and sunny new world while our damp Goretex dries out in the van. Hope the climbers survive…

PS No photos, since the weather is all rainy and grey – you probably have enough of that in the UK right now.