At this point it’s probably time to introduce another of our digital go-to sites; you may have noticed that we’ve been spending roughly two nights out of every three parked up in apparently random places.  To counter this we’ve been paying for ‘proper’ campsites with electricity and showers and wi-fi between times, in the interests of personal hygeine and the like.  But even we aren’t lucky enough to be able to stumble on these sites, wild or civilized, by ourselves.  This is where a thing called park4night comes into its own, or more accurately the app does.  So when we’re a couple of hours down the road/gravel track/goat footpath from where we spent the previous night, we ask the park4night app to show us all the nearby places where we could park up.  It generally comes up with a reasonable selection and more often than not we’ll pick the one that sounds ‘interesting’.  We’ve not come up with a properly duff one yet.

The point of all this rambling preamble is to provide an explanation of how we came to be parked up about 20 minutes’ walk from the centre of Helsinki in a site overlooking the river and a zoo 200 yards away.  It was all down to the parking app, so once again we found ourselves feeling grateful to whoever created it.  We were also more than ever so slightly pleased to be in among the city lights again and raced around hither and yon, soaking it all up.  As a result it’s impossible to create any sort of coherent narrative from our time in Helsinki, so here are some pictures instead…

Now it’s just possible that some of you reading this might be up on the whole Instagram thing – if you are, then you’ll recognize the photo above of me channelling Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  If not, then I can thoroughly recommend my own Instagram site, if only on the grounds that nobody else has or (probably) ever will do.  I’ll leave it there before Kate gives me a clip around the ear for blowing my own trumpet…

It wasn’t all that surprising to find out that Helsinki has its own version of the London Eye, above.  What was surprising though, although in retrospect perhaps it shouldn’t have been, was to find that one of the cabins is actually a sauna.  I’ll leave it to you to work out which one.

This amazing cathedral has huge zinc statues of the twelve apostles and some other geezers on its roof.  You’d think that inside would be similarly impressive – but it isn’t.  That’s on account of it being Lutheran, so all the razzamatazz and glitter that the Roman Catholic church would undoubtedly have sprayed around inside is noticeably absent.  That being the case, we didn’t think it worth burdening this blog with any pictures.  Instead, here’s one of Kate ouside the main entrance of ‘Pohjola Kullervo’.  As to what that means, your guess is almost certainly as good as ours, if not better.  Crack on…

After that, we found ourselves back on familiar ecclesiastical ground when we came across a Russian Orthodox cathedral.  This time, the inside was far better than the already impressive outside.

The markets nearest to the port were an experience too.  All manner of things were on offer so we took the road less travelled, gastronomically speaking, and bought this:

And no, we have no idea what it tastes like because we have yet to open it.  When we do, we’ll let you know.

We passed by thisplace, below, but failed dismally to emerge with some strange Baltic tatts.  Their marketing manager deserves a pat on the back though…

And eventually, after another night in our zoo/river/carpark location it was time to get on this and sail over to Estonia.

(To be continued…) as they used to say at the end of ‘Batman’ or ‘Man From Uncle’ when I was a lad.


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Isn’t “this”, on which you are about to embark, what went to the bottom of the briney a few years ago when someone forgot to shut the front door (or batten down the hatches as I believe those sailor boys call it)? Hope they were more assiduous in their first parade checks and that you are now safely in Estonia.

By the way, like the beard man.


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