Wilderness Part 3

Yes, well, sorry  about this but there’s yet more wilderness to come.  By this stage you’re probably getting as numb as we were, so here are the key points…

Kautokeino is a horrid town in the Arctic tundra.  It once had a ski jumping tower and slope, which as far as we could tell was the one single diversion available to the locals.  They must have tired of i t because it now looked like this:

You can see why we didn’t hang around.  Moving swiftly northwards, our next stop was at Olderfjord, a journey that treated us to the sight of some actual reindeer crossing the road.  We were delighted.

So was the dog.

That evening’s campsite was a great improvement on the previous one, so after getting our heads down for a full eight hours we woke bright and early and headed for Nordkapp.  What a place – and how about that weather?

Just in case you’ve missed the key feature of Nordkapp, it’s the most northerly point in mainland Europe that you can drive to.  So there we are.  That was our first objective met – the next one wasn’t due for months yet, so at this point we started to feel that the trip had really got started.

Since we’d had to cough up somewhere in the region of fifty quid just to get in to the car park we opted to stay the night there.  Sad to say, it was too soon after the Midnight Sun period for the sky to get properly dark at night, so although it was as clear as it could be, the Northern Lights failed to make an appearance.  Harrumph.

The road in and out of the place is a wonder.  It must be a complete nightmare in the high season as thousands of vehicles strive to get there and back; apparently some 200,000 people visit it each year.  We were two of about 100 people as far as we could tell and the road was accordingly almost deserted.  It passed through some enchantingly barren landscapes that I, for one, could have spent months in.

However, we had places to go and things to see so back south we went and into Finland – the home of The Strict Nature Reserve…

(to be continued…)