Lofoten Island Life

Driven by the impish urge to find places with unusual names, the first thing we did after getting off the ferry that took us to the Lofoten Islands was to head to Å.  Well you would, wouldn’t you?  Here it is:

I’m told that it has rather a fine Dried Fish Museum, but I’ll let that pass.  And no, I don’t know what that pictogram of a snail on the road sign has to do with it.  Ask the internet.

Moving on, as we do, we’d been told by our motorbiking mate that the beach at Haukland was worth a look, so that was our next destination sorted for us.  But as always, we were sidetracked by another, closer beach location, so off we went to the splendidly named Fredvang.  On the way the indefatigable Mrs H found out that up until relatively recently almost all of Norway’s GDP was made up of taxes imposed by their government on the production, sale and presumably consumption of Tørrfiske – yes, you remember it, the stuff that tastes as if a thin, hairy beer mat had been soaked in fish juice, dried out and then sealed in a see through packet ready for some luckless tourist to buy and try.  And that’s where we came in to the story.  All I can say is that the dog absolutely loved it.

Eventually, after a fishy flavoured evening near Fredvang, we found ourselves at Haukland beach just in time for the weekend.  What a place!  Unbelievably white sand, ringed on three sides by steep jaggy mountains it was an absolute picture.  And despite the lashing rain and low clouds it was still a bewitching location.  Since we had been travelling non-stop since leaving the UK at the beginning of the month we thought we’d reward ourselves with a weekend off.  And a UK Bank Holiday weekend at that.  With no shortage of directions to explore and a hound that clearly thought it might find more offerings of tasty Tørrfisk around the next corner, we spent a great deal of our weekend wandering around the hills and beaches.

Apologies for not putting up many photos with people in them – but the fact is, there were very few people to photograph.  All too soon Monday morning came around and it was time to move on, we felt.  Where to next?  Somewhere remote-ish, but with electricity, a laundry, some wi-fi and a chance to use the toaster…