Three Countries, Three Meals

Breakfast obviously enough was in France, once we’d plundered the nearest Auchan Hypermarché and stocked up on croissants and coffee.  Moving on, we had a short break for lunch in Belgium and wisely ignored the two mountain bikes that we’d strapped to the back end of the van before leaving home.  No mountains in Belgium, after all, we reasoned, and applied ourselves diligently to an extended picnic lunch.

It was starting to get a bit warm by that stage, so into the van and on with the air conditioning while we continued our relentless advance across the Low Countries and entered The Netherlands.  What with one thing and another, and the unusually lengthy queues on the autoroute, we ended up baling out and heading in a random direction before stopping and quizzing the internet on possible camping locations.  By a happy coincidence there was one 970 metres from where we’d stopped.  It was clearly meant to be, so we booked in, showered and changed, and treated ourselves to tea and toast since (a) it was 4:30 in the UK and (b) we had plugged the van into the mains which meant that we could use our Sainsbury’s Special £4.99 toaster.

What a great day!  And to top it off I worked out how to aim the wi-fi grabbing antenna at the camp reception building and used it to upload this lot of drivel.  Next update in a few days…


PS Apologies to anyone who’s been following me on Instagram, since you’ll have seen all these pictures before.  And if anyone hasn’t been stalking my IG account, jolly well get on to it and you’ll be rewarded with even more photos for your troubles.