Staying in touch

The house is clean and tidy.  So’s the motorhome.  Even the garden looks slightly less rough than normal.  And still there seems to be a never ending list of things to sort out before we set off.  Scanning key documents has been mostly what we’ve been doing today – passports, V5 document for the motorhome, insurance certificate, EHIC cards and so on.  The internet has been creaking under the weight of all this data but it seems that we now have it all securely tucked away, just in case we lose the original documents.  The weak point of this strategy of course is – what happens if we can’t access the internet?  UK mobile providers are known for their inclination to pull the plug on those who spend more than 2 months roaming, and our trip is almost certainly going to extend well beyond that time limit…

Well, most towns and cities around Europe seem to offer free wi-fi connetivity and so do many campsites, but almost all of these only deploy a feeble signal that extends to no more than a few yards beyond the outer wall of the building.  Not ideal.  So after a bit of thinking and devilling around on the web we’ve equipped ourselves with a 16 dBi* high-gain directional wi-fi antenna and a small wireless router.  This should allow us to find even a really weak signal and use it to connect wirelessly.  The adverts claim a line-of-sight range of up to 1,500 metres, but if we can only connect over one third of that distance we should be fine, unless we’re wild camping in the depths of Scandinavia of course. But since we’re only likely to be doing that for the first month of two of our trip, we should be able to roam with our mobile provider.  On the face of it, it seems like an elegant solution but if this blog suddenly stops getting new posts towards the end of August, you’ll know that it turned out not to be.


*We have no idea what it means either