Getting Ready to Go

Most of our preparations are focused on the things we’ll be leaving behind for a while – the house, the cat and our family and friends.  The first two are going to be looked after by one of the third group (thanks to Hugh of  Off Grid Gourmet ) so they’ll be in safe hands and probably very well fed too.  That just leaves us and the motorhome, an 18 month old Burstner Ixeo Time 586 in outstanding condition that we bought from Roger Moran in Ludlow.  We’ve been running it up and down the UK for the past couple of months to check out all the systems and learn how they work and we’ve also just spent 10 days in northern France, with the dog, to work through the business of going abroad and getting back home without any serious problems.  So far so good.

Washing clothes has turned out to be relatively simple, but drying them is another thing altogether.  Handwashing gets everything clean enough but without the spin cycle it can take a long time for cotton t-shirts to dry out properly.  After a bit of research we remembered that Rohan clothing, designed for travellers, fits the bill perfectly.  Their stuff doesn’t really need ironing and dries out in a very short while – so we’ve been keeping the ebay Rohan market pretty buoyant over the past couple of weeks.  With the addition of a couple of pairs of shoes/boots/flip-flops we’re pretty well sorted.

That just leaves the dog.  We’ve bought a harness that can be clipped in to a seat belt for while she’s in the motorhome and it’s moving, and her Pet Passport is now full of all the required stamps and signatures.  We even added a photo – and she seems pretty happy about it.



Taniya Morris

Love the picture!! Happy Hound.
Have a wonderful time & looking forward to following your travels.

Family Fields

Happy travels Hainges, lovely to see you x


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