Month: July 2018


What Three Words

Our motorhome is quite small really – it’s a Burstner IT 586 – and it has just enough room for the two  of us plus the dog.  But it’s fitted out with a pretty good array of things to make life easier and one of these is the GPS.  Now it starts getting technical, because …


Staying in touch

The house is clean and tidy.  So’s the motorhome.  Even the garden looks slightly less rough than normal.  And still there seems to be a never ending list of things to sort out before we set off.  Scanning key documents has been mostly what we’ve been doing today – passports, V5 document for the motorhome, …


Getting Ready to Go

Most of our preparations are focused on the things we’ll be leaving behind for a while – the house, the cat and our family and friends.  The first two are going to be looked after by one of the third group (thanks to Hugh of  Off Grid Gourmet ) so they’ll be in safe hands …